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Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet for Individuals

What is Virtual Wallet?

Virtual Wallet is a user-friendly solution that enables you to manage your Direct Payment or Personal Health Budget in a secure online environment, giving you full control of the budget you are allocated and the support you receive. 

Watch our short video to learn more about Virtual Wallet and how it could help you to manage your care and support.

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How Virtual Wallet works

Funding is added to your Virtual Wallet account by the funding authority - this can be a local authority, the NHS or any other organisation. You can even add funds to your Virtual Wallet account yourself, if you are required to make a personal contribution.

Our dedicated Virtual Wallet support team will then work with you and your funding authority to ensure that all your care arrangements are 'set-up' in Virtual Wallet and you are able to view all the support you have arranged in your online diary.  

You also have the option to grant access to a trusted friend or family member, meaning they can log-in and see the support you have arranged and make any changes on your behalf.

Because Virtual Wallet is a secure, web based system, a full record of all your bookings, invoices and payment is available to your 24/7 through your Virtual Wallet Account.

Once we have confirmation that your care has been delivered, all payments are managed through Virtual Wallet on your behalf and payment will usually reach the care provider within 5 days. 

Visit our resources page to learn more about how Virtual Wallet could support you.

Resources for Health

Resources for Social Care


Our Virtual Wallet Community

Choosing to use Virtual Wallet is more than just a way of managing your personal care funding. It means you are part of a community; a group of likeminded individuals who all take an active role in managing their own care and support. 

We actively encourage all our Virtual Wallet community to share their stories - to inspire and guide others who are at different stages of their personal care journey. 

Visit the Our Virtual Wallet Community pages to find out more.

Our Virtual Wallet Community

Virtual Wallet in your area

Virtual Wallet is used by many different health and social care organisations to support them in delivering personalised care in different ways. 

Visit our Virtual Wallet in My Area pages to find out how Virtual Wallet is being used by health and social care organisation in your area.

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Virtual Wallet Resources

You can also browse our resources pages to find out more about Virtual Wallet and how it could support you in managing your personal care funding

Virtual Wallet Resources