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Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet for Providers

What is Virtual Wallet?

Virtual Wallet is a user-friendly solution that enables individuals to manage their personal care funding or direct payment in a secure online environment, giving them full control of the funding they are allocated and the support they receive.



Why register on Virtual Wallet?

For providers, Virtual Wallet offers the opportunity to ensure that your services are visible to individuals within the same easy to use, online solution that manages their personalised care funding.

In addition to ensuring your services are visible to an ever-increasing number of individuals, Virtual Wallet reduces the administration associated with providing services to direct payment recipients as all bookings and invoices are managed digitally within the individuals Virtual Wallet account.

As Virtual Wallet holds cleared funds on behalf of the individual, payment is guaranteed, and invoices are typically paid within 72 hours of approval.

How do I register?

  1. We send a Virtual Wallet registration request to any organisations that are identified to us as providing services to individuals in receipt of personal care funding. If you haven’t received a registration request, please contact the Virtual Wallet support team using the form below.
  2. Click on the link in the registration request email – it will take you to a registration page where you will need tell us about your organisation and provide an overview of the services you offer. You will also need to enter details of the bank account you would like any payments to be made into.
  3. When you click ‘submit’ your form will be sent to the Virtual Wallet support team for processing.
  4. The Virtual Wallet support team will review your form and create your Virtual Wallet account.
  5. At this point, you will be sent a username and password via email – this will enable to you to log into Virtual Wallet and manage all elements of your account, including product listings, pricing and responding to requests from individuals.

You are then live on the marketplace, meaning individuals are able to view your listings and book with you directly using Virtual Wallet.

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Registration process for care providers

Care and support organisations play a crucial role in the PHB process, and Virtual Wallet can help ensure payments for support are made quickly and accurately. 

The registration process for care providers is simple, and if you only need to complete the process once, regardless of the number of individuals you support. 

If you have previously registered on Virtual Wallet, the unique link in your welcome email will take you to your existing account, where you can login and