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Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet for Personal Assistants

What is Virtual Wallet?


Virtual Wallet is a simple to use, online solution that enables individuals to manage their personal care funding or direct payment in a secure online environment.

For many individuals, receiving support from a personal assistant is an essential part of them leading a full and independent life.

Finding the right personal assistant is often a difficult process, so once the right PA is found, it is essential that the ongoing management of timesheets and payroll is as simple and straightforward as possible.

We also understand that the arrangements between each PA and the person they care for is different and Virtual Wallet can be configured to support the most simple or complex of arrangements.

How does Virtual Wallet support personal assistants?


For both employed and self-employed personal assistants, Virtual Wallet provides a simple, secure way to manage your timesheets and keep track of the hours you have worked.

Each personal assistant is given their own user account, meaning they have full control over who can see the services they provide; a self employed PA may wish to be visible to other individuals requiring care in the local area, whereas a directly-employed PA will often choose to only have their services visible to their employer.

The set-up process is simple and Virtual Wallet is provided at no cost to the PA. 



How do I register?

When an individual that you care for decides to move to Virtual Wallet, you don't have to do anything until you receive an email from the Virtual Wallet support team.

Before we can get an individuals Virtual Wallet account up and running, they are required to provide details of all the PAs that provide care to them. The Virtual Wallet support team will send a Virtual Wallet registration request all these PAs, inviting them to register on Virtual Wallet. 

When you receive a Virtual Wallet registration request email:

  1. Click on the link within the email, which will direct you to a registration page where you will need tell us about yourself and confirm details of the bank account you would like your wages to be paid into.
  2. When you click ‘submit’ your form will be sent to the Virtual Wallet support team for processing.
  3. The Virtual Wallet support team will review your form and create your Virtual Wallet account.
  4. At this point, you will be sent a username and password via email – this will enable to you to log into Virtual Wallet and submit your timesheets. 

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