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Clive & Marilyn - Powys County Council

Powys County Council interviewed Clive, who uses Virtual Wallet to pay for a PA to support his wife Marilyn, who has dementia.

Clive says: “I find it very easy to use….the simplicity of it is the best thing…I see an invoice from the PA, I click on a couple of buttons and approve it and she gets paid.”

Listen to the full interview with Clive where he talks about his experiences of direct payments and Virtual Wallet.

Jacqueline & Les - Powys County Council

Powys County Council interviewed Jaqueline, who talks about how her stepson (who lives in Cornwall) uses Virtual Wallet to manage her husband’s direct payment remotely to manage the two PAs that support Les. 

Jacqueline says of Virtual Wallet “its fairly automatic…you can see what funds you’ve got…its all there”.

Listen to the full interview with Jacqueline where she talks about how they use direct payment and the difference it makes to both her and Les, and their experiences of Virtual Wallet and PeoplePlus (who provide direct payment support services in Powys).

Lucy & Katie - Powys County Council

Powys County Council interviewed Lucy, who talks about how she uses Virtual Wallet to manage her daughters direct payment. 

Lucy previously managed a direct payment for Katie, but found it stressful.   Having decided to try a direct payment a second time, Lucy describes how Katie’s PA submit their own hours and how Virtual Wallet automatically makes payments saying “I don’t have to do anything at all”.  Having now used Virtual Wallet for a year, Lucy says  “I would recommend Virtual Wallet to others…and have”. 

Listen to the full interview with Lucy, where she talks about having a direct payment is gradually helping overcome some of the challenges that Katie has faced following the pandemic, their experiences of Virtual Wallet and the contrast to their first attempt at managing a direct payment.


North West London

"I have noticed big improvements lately, and want to complement you on those."


"On behalf of Myself and Peach Nursing, I would like to thank Virtual Wallet, Karen, yourself, and the team. You have been very supportive with your prompt payments and hopefully look forward to working with you again in the future."


North West London

"All of the support team and ILAs have been really helpful and I wish to thank you for all your help, I'm grateful and feel more confident now because of your support."


"Your attention to detail and efficiency in this matter are commendable, and we are confident that this will streamline the process for both our team and yours."


Powys County Council

"Thank you so much Sarah. You're a breath of fresh air. It's so nice to deal with someone who us not only helpful but solves the problem too."


"Wow, you're a star, thankyou so much. Super quick response. 👍🏻"


North West London

"I can’t ever thank you enough for all your kindness and understanding towards me . I do really, really feel your care and the time you give me each month despite being so busy."