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Virtual Wallet in Powys

Virtual Wallet in Powys

Virtual Wallet is now available to all direct payment recipients in Powys.

Working alongside Powys County Council and their partner organisations, Virtual Wallet is being used to encourage more individuals to take an active role in managing their own direct payment.

The roll out of Virtual Wallet is being managed in two separate phases:

  • In phase one, all new direct payments will be managed through Virtual Wallet and existing direct payment recipients can request to manage their payments through Virtual Wallet.
  • In phase two, some 'managed account' direct payments will also be migrated to Virtual Wallet.

The Virtual Wallet support team are on hand to support all individuals and personal assistants throughout the Virtual Wallet set-up process.  

In addition, the existing direct payment support service from PeoplePlus will still provide ‘on-the-ground’ information, advice and support to individuals, including PA recruitment and setup.


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Virtual Wallet tutorial

Step through our tutorial to understand more about how Virtual Wallet can help you manage your direct payment.

Virtual Wallet Tutorial

Virtual Wallet resources

Visit our resources page to view our ‘how to guides’ and find more information about direct payments from a variety of sources.

    Virtual Wallet resources    

Direct payments in Powys

Follow the below link to visit Powys County Council's own website and learn more about their direct payment processes.

    Powys direct payment website    

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact details

Powys County Council Adults Services




Phone: 0330 123 2815

Virtual Wallet Support Team

Chat Live: Use the chat function below to chat live with a member of the team


Phone: 03300 582 692

Supported Accounts: 0300 373 9259

Children’s Team, Powys County Council

Phone: 01597 827666