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Virtual Wallet in Hampshire & Isle of Wight




Virtual Wallet in Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Virtual Wallet is being used by both Hampshire County Council and Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICB to enable individuals to manage their direct payment and Personal Health Budget funding in a secure, online environment whist retaining full control of the support they receive.

Virtual Wallet puts the entire management of your funding in one place - your hands. It allows you to book appointments and manage your support and automatically pays your providers.

Watch our short video to see how Virtual Wallet could support you.

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Who do I find out more?

Click on the name of the organisation that provides funding for your direct payment or PHB below

Hampshire County Council

NHS Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICB

Provider registration

A key element of mobilising Virtual Wallet in Hampshire is to ensure all support providers are registered, ensuring a seamless transition of payment processing.

Providers can find access further information and a registration form using the link below

VW for Providers in Hampshire