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Virtual Wallet for Providers in Devon


Virtual Wallet in Devon

Devon County Councils Disabled Children's Service are in the process of mobilising Virtual Wallet, to increase awareness of the range of providers and support available to families across Devon. 

Providers are being invited to register on Virtual Wallet by the Disabled Children's Service in advance of Virtual Wallet being launch to individuals and families in December 2023.



Why register on Virtual Wallet?

From December 2023, Virtual Wallet is being introduced to families across Devon, as a way to support them with managing funding they receive from Devon County Council's Disabled Children's Service. 

Using Virtual Wallet's digital marketplace, families will have the ability to view a whole range of support and services from providers across the region, before selecting the most appropriate service for them, and making payment using their Virtual Wallet account.

Registration is a simple process, and there is no cost to support organisations or individuals for using Virtual Wallet. 

Registration for Providers

Follow the simple process outlined below to register yourself, or the organisation you represent on Virtual Wallet. 

Step 1:  Registration - Complete the online registration process, using the link below.

Devon Provider Online Registration

Step 2:  Account activation - Activate your Virtual Wallet account, using the link sent to your registered email address.

Step 3: Online catalogue & bank details - Using the link provided in your account activation email, complete the initial catalogue registration form. This allows you to register your first 3 services and confirm details of the bank account into which payments will be made.

Once steps 1 - 3 are completed, the Virtual Wallet support team will create your initial catalogue listing in Virtual Wallet and send further instructions to your registered email address.