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Virtual Wallet in Devon


Virtual Wallet in Devon

Devon County Council have ambitions to increase the number of individuals who are actively involved in the management of their own direct payment. Virtual Wallet is one of the tools they are using to achieve this. 

Virtual Wallet puts the entire management of your Direct Payment in one place - your hands. It gives you a huge choice of how to spend your money, allows you to book appointments and manage your support and automatically pays your providers.

Watch our video to see how Virtual Wallet could support you.

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Virtual Wallet tutorial

Step through our tutorial to understand more about how Virtual Wallet can help you manage your personal budget.

Virtual Wallet tutorial

Virtual Wallet resources

Visit our resources page to view our ‘how to guides’ and find more information about personal budgets from a variety of sources.

    Virtual Wallet resources

Direct payments in Devon

Follow the below link to visit Devon County Council's own website and learn more about their direct payments process.

    Devon direct payment website    

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact details

Disabled Children's Service, Short Break Helpline - Devon County Council


Telephone: 01392 385276 option 2

Virtual Wallet Support Team

Phone: 03300 582692