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Virtual Wallet for Providers in Southampton

Virtual Wallet in Southampton

The contract for the provision of Managed Account services between Southampton City Council and Enham Trust is coming to an end. Following a market engagement exercise, Southampton City Council has awarded the contract for the provision of these services to Virtual Wallet.

All individuals who currently receive their direct payment or Personal Health Budget using a managed account from Enham Trust will move over to a supported Virtual Wallet account on 1st April 2024.

To support with this change and ensure a seamless transition in payment processing, it is important that all support organisations and personal assistants register their details with Virtual Wallet. 


Why register on Virtual Wallet?

From 1st April 2024, all payments for support provided to individuals with a supported direct payment will be processed by PPL, using Virtual Wallet.

As a provider of services to Direct Payment or PHB recipients in Southampton, it is important that you register on Virtual Wallet so you can continue to be paid for the services you provide. 

All providers are being contacted, as their details become available to us, however, to expedite the process and ensure you and your organisation are registered at the earliest opportunity, we recommend you commence the registration process using one of the forms linked below.

Registration is a simple process, and there is no cost to support organisations or individuals for using Virtual Wallet. 



Registration for Employed Personal Assistants

Registration for employed PAs in a simple process.

Use the form below to confirm basic information about yourself, your employer and the bank account into which you would like to receive payments. 

Using this information, the Virtual Wallet support team will set-up your account, and work with your employers chosen payroll provider to ensure payments continue to be made to you, inline with the payment schedule you have agreed.

There is no change to the way you submit timesheets, timesheet submission deadlines or the date on which you will be paid.

Southampton Employed PA Registration Form

Registration for Organisations and Self Employed Personal Assistants

If you are a support organisation or a self employed PA, use the link below to register yourself, or the organisation you represent on Virtual Wallet. 

Once this information is received by the Virtual Wallet support team, we will create an account and associate your services with the individuals that you tell us about. 

Southampton Provider Registration Form



Contact details

SCC Direct Payment Support Service

Telephone: 023 8083 477

Virtual Wallet Supported Accounts Team

Chat live with us: Click the link at the bottom of this page


Telephone: 0333 600 6330