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Welcome to Powys Virtual Wallet

What is Virtual Wallet?

Virtual Wallet puts the entire management of your Direct Payment in one place - your hands. It gives you a huge choice of how to spend your money, allows you to book appointments and manage your support and automatically pays your providers.

Benefits of Virtual Wallet

Easy to use

Via a smartphone, tablet or home computer (and support at the end of the phone)

24 hour access 

Access at any time and see updates in real-time


Eliminates the need to have a traditional bank account for your direct payment

Safe and secure

Protects you against fraud and waste

You're in control 

It puts you at the heart of your care & support

Meets the council's requirements

Means you don't need to keep or submit any receipts or manual records

How do I apply?

There is plenty of help on hand. The next step depends on where you are in the journey. Click on the box that best describes your situation (or that of the person you are helping).

I’m new to adult social care

You should contact the Assist team at Powys County Council and they will help you think about what matters to you and what options you have, which might ultimately include a Direct Payment and a Virtual Wallet.

I’m in the process of getting a direct payment and want more information about Virtual Wallet

You should speak to your social worker, your contact at PeoplePlus or the Virtual Wallet support team.

I’m in the process of getting Virtual Wallet but need some help with it

You should contact the Virtual Wallet support team, contact details below.

I already have a direct payment and am interested in moving it to Virtual Wallet

You should contact the Virtual Wallet support team, contact details below.

I support a child and am interested in direct payments and Virtual Wallet

You should contact the Children’s Service Front Door Team, contact details below.

Contact details

Powys County Council Adults Services




Phone: 0330 123 2815 

Virtual Wallet Support Team


Phone: 03300 582 692 

Children’s Team, Powys County Council


Phone: 01597 827666